An update:   Our co-op building model has been working wonderfully well.   Groups of 3 families unite to labor together to build 3 homes and that has constituted their entire investment in the homes.   We are just finishing our 31st home, the last 11 having been bajareque.  

We have attempted to entirely get away from using cement in our builds, as it's production is onerous to the planet, but we've yet to find a good alternative for the floors.   We continue to experiment with different natural options that don't require expensive (unattainable) upkeep.

This year we are supporting 65 students, 7 of whom are in college...a fantastic achievement for them.  

All of our students have the benefit of enrichment classes from GHA, and students (native T'zutujil speakers) who struggle with Spanish are tutored.   We have seen marked improvement and success for these kids.

Our Music classes are also in full swing in Pasajquim.

We are grateful to Mexicali Blues for their support.   The Maine based retailer with a  vibrant online presence is marketing the bracelets that the women of Pasajquim are making, and donating 100% of the sale (!) to GHA.   The bracelets are the product of workshops that GHA organized for that under-served community. To check them out, click here!