Volunteer Experiences

if you’re thinking about working or volunteering with GHA, read this post written by our Fundraising and Development Intern to get a feel of what working with us is like!

Working with GHA has been a lot of fun and definitely taught me a lot. Although I primarily work on grants, fundraising, and running the social media accounts, I have also gotten a chance to see the construction and education programs in action. In my time here I have learned how to clean cane for building with bajareque and gotten to attend a taller for the children of Pasajquim. I love how GHA gets up close and personal with the people they are helping. As someone with a degree in international development and experience working with other NGOs, I have seen different strategies and programs, and in my opinion GHA’s is one of the best. Every family we work with really gets to know and form a relationship with the staff members who are here in San Juan. The work environment is flexible and laid back (just like most things in Guatemala) and has provided me with an overall great experience!