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Volunteer With GHA

Because all the founders of GHA have been volunteers here in Guatemala and know what a meaningful experience it can be, we have made that option available to others. Volunteering can be a life changing experience and a great way to learn and work in another culture.

Volunteers who choose to be a part of our housing projects will be placed on a crew with local builders and a member of the recipient family. By working together on this intensive project, volunteers will form bonds with both the family and our local building staff.

Never had any building experience? Don’t let that deter you! On each housing project, there are plenty of jobs to be done with shovels, machetes, buckets, and wheelbarrows that do not require any previous construction knowledge. If you do happen to know your way around a construction site, there are plenty of skilled jobs to do too! Nothing physical will ever be expected of you that you are uncomfortable with. Each member of our crews is trained to always observe common sense safety precautions, no matter whether they are working with skilled or unskilled volunteers.

We ask volunteers working with our housing projects to donate $300—every penny of which goes toward purchasing building materials. Those working on laying floors are asked to donate $100, or $75 each if there are multiple volunteers participating.

For those not inclined to do construction, we also offer opportunities to volunteer in our vacation school or teaching English. Volunteers who participate in this program have the opportunity to work with kids and teach them a range of valuable life skills. While volunteering with these programs does not cost anything, we do ask for a one-month commitment. The vacation school lasts for one month between November and December and the other programs are ongoing and can be joined at any time.


GHA will help you to find accommodations that are in line with your budget and what kind of experience you are looking for. While there are no hotels in San Pablo, San Juan is full of lovely hotels and hostels within a varying price range. For anyone wanting to really connect with the people and the culture here in Guatemala, are in contact with a community based organization that can arrange homestays for the duration of your time here as a volunteer.

To learn more about Asociacion Xe Kuku Abaj, our partner organization, go to their website at:

For those interested in working with the education programs in Pasajquim, we can also arrange a homestay in that area with some of the families we work with.



For those looking to commit more time to GHA or wanting to kick-start a career in the non-profit sector, we also offer three internships. Each one focuses on managing an important part of GHA’s programs and growing the organization. Click on the internship title to lean more about the position.

Volunteer Coordinator Internship

The Volunteer Coordinator will manage and grow GHA’s volunteer program as a valuable part of GHA’s small team. This includes attracting volunteers, reviewing applications, creating and managing volunteer experiences, and helping volunteers share their experiences through social media.

Development and Fundraising Internship

GHA needs an ally to develop its fundraising program. This will involve work as a valuable member of a small team to create online fundraising campaigns, organize fundraising events, identify and apply for relevant grants, maintain donor relations, and/or design alternative fundraising strategies. This position comes with the opportunity to work in the field with our Guatemala staff during site visits with donors, volunteers, etc.

Education Coordinator Internship

The Education Coordinator position entails working side by side with GHA’s Director and scholarship students and families. Responsibilities include organizing and supervising empowerment workshops for scholarship students with workshop facilitators, visits and follow-up with students, and creating student profiles that gauge their progress and assess their family situations. The Education Coordinator oversees teaching, but may also help facilitate workshops or run other educational programs. Since GHA runs a music program for rural youth, experience in music would be helpful but is not required.

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