THE gha

The Guatemala Housing Alliance was founded in 2011 with the goal of helping to alleviate some of the worst housing deficiencies so prevalent in the Guatemalan highlands.

Our hope is that by working with the most poorly housed, we will not only help to secure safer home but will also build alliances with other non-profits tasked with addressing related components of poverty - among them education, health, employment, and family planning.

Lend a hand

Whether you’re a seasoned builder or have never even seen a hammer, your time as a GHA volunteer will be both personally enriching and hugely helpful.

Our volunteer/donors get hands-on experience building homes on a crew with local masons and a member of the family who will live in the home they’re building.


When you donate, 100% of your gift goes to the project you choose. All administrative costs, including staffing and office expenses, are donated by GHA's founders.

There are several ways to donate to Guatemala Housing Alliance (GHA). All donations are tax deductible, and you can choose whether to have your donation applied to our Housing Program or Scholarships for Guatemalan children.


This is what we've been up to.....through March 2017:

  • Built 31 homes...including 11 of bajareque
  • Offered wood-conserving stoves to recipient families
  • Laid 118 floors over dirt in old adobe homes
  • Replaced a dozen dilapidated roofs
  • Built 2 classrooms
  • Painted and repaired community buildings
  • Sponsored the education of many kids (65 this year alone)
  • Offered enrichment classes to all our scholarship kids
  • Created a ukulele orchestra
  • Organized a beading cooperative for single moms
  • Provided therapies for children in need in the communities