Well, its obvious that social media isn't my strong point.   BUT, in fact, GHA has done a terrific amount of work since our first, the last, blog.   

We have focused a lot of energy into Pasajquim.   As of today, we have built 4 homes there and 2 classrooms.  In the spring of 2014 we inaugurated a uke-based music program which has been an incredible success.    This was what our fundraiser looked like:   

Now about 400 kids have music lessons weekly....and some small groups have been asked to play at events in other communities.   I'd love for us to be able to expand this to include those children who, for economic necessity, can no longer stay in school.   And to the many, many interested adults.

We also started a beading workshop for single, unemployed mothers in this community.   20 women have been tutored to begin a co-op, now selling their wares through a couple of organizations with roots in the US.   Should you want to help support this, GHA is happy to take wholesale can contact our Director, Almudena at

A GHA alliance with the worthy non-profit Centro Maya now makes available unprecedented access to therapy for handicapped children in Pasajquim.   And GHA funders have stocked the town's small clinic with medical supplies and essential antibiotics.

Other work in this town included a 'Vacation School'.   Traditionally, when the school year ends in October, even the library closes.   We coordinated and funded a program so each morning kids could come do handicrafts, take music, art and science lessons and receive a much needed meal.  Daily enrollment was high


We have also moved more of our attention to San Pablo La Laguna.   To date we have laid nearly 100 floors there to alleviate much of the suffering that comes from constant contact with parasites.   I wish you could see the pride of ownership, as a dirt floored home gets a makeover.

The school year in Guatemala begins in January and this year we have been able to offer many more scholarships.   Most of the new recipients are in San Pablo and Pasajquim.   The latter doesn't have a high school, so if children want to continue their studies their costs include not only school fees and materials, but also transportation, food and lodging.   

We had a group from the US building a home for the family in SanPablo.  That was be GHA's 17th homebuild.  Through donor generosity, this family's situation will become more safe, healthy and easy.   Below  is the home being replaced, though it barely shows that the wall behind the cornstalks is caving in and the roof is a sieve.

c casa 8.jpg

Today the door and windows will be installed in our 19th and 20th homes, also built in San Pablo.   These homes replace an absolutely decrepit, tiny home a family of 8 had rented for 14 years, sleeping on the floors dirt or mud.

So here we are, still a small non-profit, stretching our resources to accomplish some important projects, always finding ways to ally ourselves with other good local orgs, and always welcoming the donations and assistance of friends.   Thank you, thank you.